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Environmental Information and Publications

Environmental Protection Update----A weekly news letter available FREE through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Mostly concerning environmental issues and preventing pollution. Web Site: You can E-mail to join by sending to  You may also write to Pa. D.E.P. P.O. Box 2063 Harrisburg, PA. 17107-2063 . You can FAX them at 717-783-8926 or call 717 783-2300

Citizens Advisory Council---- A method for citizen participation at D.E.P. Monthly and FREE Website: You may E-mail for more information on participation at  Write to DEP Citizens Advisory Council P.O. Box 2063 Harrisburg, PA. 17105-2063 FAXes go to 717-772-2291 and you may call 717-787-5427

Pennsylvania Resources---- Deals with water quality, reclamation, environmental education and conservation issues on a quarterly basis. This is FREE. Write to PA. Association of Conservation Districts 225 Pine Street Harrisburg, PA. 17101. FAX: 717-236-6410 Telephone: 717-236-1006

Monitoring Matters---- Citizen based water quality monitoring issues in relation to the PA. D.E.P. Published 3 times per year. This is a FREE item Web Site: then choose subject-- water management—then citizen monitoring. E-mail:  You may also write to DEP, Bureau of Watershed Conservation P.O. Box 8555  Harrisburg, PA. 17105-8555. FAX: 717-787-9549  The Telephone number is 717-7873730

Pennsylvania Geology---- Geology and mapping issues and information published quarterly. This is a FREE publication from the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Their Web Site is then choose Topographic Survey and PA Geology. For more information you can and subscription E-mail:  Write to DCNR—Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey P.O. Box 8453 Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-8453 The FAX number is 717-783-7267 and Telephone number is 717-787-8162

Resource---- Information and issues relating to forestry, the state parks, recreation issues and some environmental topics. This publication is available FREE on a monthly basis from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Web Site: You can also E-mail:  Write for a subscription or questions to PA. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources P.O. Box 8767 Harrisburg, PA. 17105-2063 You can FAX requests to 717-772-9106 or telephone 717-772-9101.

FloodLines---- Flood protection and stormwater issues and information. Published quarterly and available FREE from the D.E.P. Bureau of Waterways Engineering. Web site: then choose subjects and Water Management  E-mail: FAX Number: 717-772-0409 Telephone Number: 717-787-3411 You can write to D.E.P.--- Bureau of Waterways Engineering P.O. Box 8460 Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-8460 

Profile Newsletter---- This publication of the D.E.P. deals with issues relating to on-lot sewage systems. It is FREE and published quarterly. Web Site: Then select Subjects and Water Management. I could find no E-mail contact. FAX Number: 717-772-5156 Telephone Number: 717-787-8184 You may also write to PA. D.E.P. Bureau of Water Quality Protection  P.O. Box 8774 Harrisburg, PA. 17105-8774

Drummer----Preservation, conservation of natural resources and environmental subjects. Quarterly Publication NOT FREE Membership is required. Audubon Council of Pennsylvania 1104 Fernwood Avenue Suite 300  Camp Hill, PA. 17011 No web or E-mail information noted FAX: 717-763-4981 Telephone: 717-763-4985

What's Wet---- Lake Protection issues and subjects. Quarterly publication NOT FREE Membership required Pennsylvania Lake Management Society P.O. Box 395 Paupack, PA. 18451 No Web Site or E-mail noted FAX: 717-921-2881 Telephone: 717-921-8045

Environmental Forum----Land use topics and environmental issues Quarterly Publication NOT FREE Membership required Web Site: E-mail can go to:  Mail to Pennsylvania Environmental Council 1211 Chestnut Street Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA. 19107 FAX: 215-563-0528 Telephone: 215-563-0252

ERRI Newsletter----Environmental Resource issues and materials A quarterly Publication FREE Web Site: E-mail to :  Mail to Environmental Resource Institute Pennsylvania State University 125 Land and Water Research Building University Park, PA. 16802-4900 FAX: 814-865-3378 Telephone:814-863-0291

The Forest Stewardship Quarterly----Forest Management and uses with related issues A Quarterly Publication FREE No Web Site or E-mail noted Write to School of Forest Resources Pennsylvania State University 7 Ferguson Building University Park, PA. 16802-4300 No FAX Noted Telephone: 814-863-0401

Main Stream----Stream use and protection, with watershed and related issues Published 3 times a year NOT FREE Membership required No Web Site or E-mail noted  Write to: Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers P.O. Box 765 Harrisburg, PA. 17108-0765 No FAX noted Telephone: 717-697-2111

Water Policy News----The name describes what is there A Quarterly Publication FREE Web Site: E-mail:  (this was an old address) Write to Pennsylvania Water Resources Education Network c/o League of Women Voters 226 Forster Street Harrisburg, PA. 17102 No FAX number noted Telephone 717-234-1576 and Toll free 800-692-7281

Pennsylvania Planner---- Development, planning and Land Use issues Published 6 times a year NOT FREE Membership is required No Web Site or E-mail address noted Write to Pennsylvania Planning Association 908 North Second Street Harrisburg, PA. 17102 FAX: 717-236-2046 Telephone: 717-236-2039

Pennsylvania Trout---- Conservation and proper care /use of water resources and preservation issues A Quarterly Publication NOT FREE Membership Required No Web Site or E-mail address noted Write to : Trout Unlimited-Pennsylvania Council 300 South Hanover Street Carlisle, PA. 17103 FAX: 717-249-0951  Telephone: 717-249-1646

Township News---- Local government issues including environmental concerns Published Monthly NOT FREE Cost is about $30.00 per year Web Site: No E-mail address was noted Write to : Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors 3001 Gettysburg Road Camp Hill, PA. 17011-7296 FAX: 717-763-9732 Telephone: 717-7639732