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Laboratory Services for Water and Waste Water. Operators, engineers, authorities, governments and private individuals.  Bacterial, Metals, Organics, (Volitiles-Herbicides-Pesticides-Aromatics), EPA, DEP, NPDES, SOC, IOC, PAH, THM, Waste Water DMR's and the rest of the regulatory alphabet soup. For your professional or personal needs, we are ready. Our laboratory has expertise in a variety of areas and partner support for additional areas of concentration we may help you identify.  Since 1974, this D.E.P/E.P.A. certified facility has been a laboratory and consulting organization intent on personalized services.  We have specialized in examining and analyzing materials for private individuals, commercial interests, engineering firms, operating and maintenance companies, authorities, municipalities and other government entities.  We deal with raw, drinking and waste waters as well as soils, sludges, oils, solid wastes, paints and many other materials.  The lab also assists in various research, development and formulation studies.


Lead in Public and PRIVATE Drinking Water is serious.  Corrosion commonly adds to the possibilities of lead from water, pipes and water mains or laterals.  Tested properly yet?

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Welcome to Cedar Grove

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Located in Southeastern Pennsylvania at the Geographic Center of  Chester County in West Bradford Township near the Borough of Downingtown
(1401 Gallagherville Road, Downingtown  19335)
Calls us at 610-269-6977 or Click here for a map.


For Public Health, pool monitoring is important.  Check this article noting how unsafe pool water can become and how common the problem is today.

Cedar Grove Environmental is a very independent analytical service and consulting laboratory established in 1974.  Our facility is located in central Chester County Pennsylvania, however, we offer courier service through our own staff, FedX, UPS and the Postal Service to supplement our clients needs for sampling and delivery to the laboratory.  Properly prepared containers, necessary preservatives, and even shipping containers or coolers are available from the laboratory along with written instructions as needed.  Sampling instructions, prices and other useful information are available at the laboratory or from our web site                                                                ( on the internet.